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“S” SERIES Standard Connector

"S" Series Standard Connectors, 425°F


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Quick Attach Thermocouple

Quick-Attach Thermocouple Connectors, 425°F

Watlow’s time-saving thermocouple connectors are fast and convenient to use. No loose parts, no cap removal, no need to wrap wires around terminal screws. Simply insert stripped wire ends into plug or jack, tighten down two terminal screws, and you’re finished. There is no need to remove Watlow cable clamp, either.
Accepts solid or stranded wires to 16 gauge. Available in Type J, K and T calibrations, ASTM E 230 color coded. The connector is made of a high impact strength, 215°C (425°F) rated glass filled thermoplastic with matching thermocouple materials throughout. Other features and specifications are identical to standard Watlow “S” Series quick-disconnect connectors.

High Temp Connector 1000F

High Temperature Connectors, 1000°F

The ASTM E 230 color-coded bodies of these high temperature ceramic connectors are practical for temperatures up to 540°C (1000°F). Colors are permanent and will not fade even after exposure to temperature. The positive-locking screw type terminals are captive for easy assembly. Solid plug pins and collet inserts are made of thermocouple alloys (except Types R/S which are compensated).

Three-Pole Connectors for RTD Applications, 400 F

Three-Pole Connectors for RTD Applications, 400°F

  • Three pins to accommodate most RTD sensor applications
  • Rated to 200°C (400°F) continuous
  • Jacks have spring-loaded inserts for positive contact
  • Larger diameter negative pin prevents user from reversing polarity

  • Miniature Thermocouple Connector System

    Miniature Thermocouple Connector System, 400°F

  • Miniature design-mates with other miniature size thermocouple connectors
  • Molded-in pin contacts assure precise alignment (no loose, wobbly parts)
  • Rugged, high quality, high performance connectors
  • Employ matching thermocouple alloy materials
  • Available in all standard calibrations and copper-copper, ASTM E 230 color-coded
  • Exclusive channel design isolates the wires for clean, strong signals.
    Connection Method
    Simply insert the stripped ends of your thermocouple wire between contact base and washer, tighten down the two terminal screws and you’re finished. There are no loose parts to contend with. Do not wrap conductors around the terminal screws.
    Watlow miniature connectors can accommodate wire sizes up to ...

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  • SKP Style

    Panel Mount Hardware

    Designed for use with Watlow’s “S” standard thermocouple connectors, these units fit panels up to 7/16 inch thick. Panel cutout: 1 1/8 inch to 1 5/32 inch hole. Units fit into standard 3/4 inch knockouts.