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Std. Thermocouple Head

Thermocouple Heads and Connector Blocks

Style 1 Single Threaded

Sensor Mounting Fittings


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Adjustable Bayonet Compression Fitting

Bayonet Fittings

This fitting combines the features of the fixed bayonet fitting in a compact unit which does not require brazing to assemble.

The fitting is designed for 0.125 in. (3 mm) O.D. sensor and is available with either brass, TFE or nylon ferrules.

With either the TFE or nylon ferrules, this fitting may be relocated at different positions along the sheath whenever changes in the immersion length are necessary. Brass ferrules cannot be relocated once they are set.

Transition Fittings and Accessories

Transition Fittings and Accessories

Watlow’s complete line of stainless steel transition fittings offers durable, potted connections between XACTPAK® type sheathed thermocouple material and insulated wire. When the distance between the thermocouple and the instrument is known in advance, this type of assembly can be connected directly to your instrument, minimizing field installation time.
When making a sensor with a transition fitting, the thermocouple and connecting wires are first securely brazed together. The appropriate transition body is then positioned over the splice and either crimped or brazed to the sheath material. The transition body is then filled with a potting compound which effectively insulates and strengthens the splice.
A coiled spring strain ...

Thermocouple Insulators and Accessories

Thermocouple Insulators and Accessories

Thermocouple insulators are usually selected for their ability to withstand elevated temperatures or to resist thermal shock. This listing groups SERV-RITE® thermocouple insulators in these classifications for convenient selection. Some sizes and lengths are available in more than one classification. The thermocouple insulators listed below are generally carried in stock for quick delivery. Other sizes can be made to suit individual requirements. Prices and delivery quoted upon request.

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