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High-Temperature Heaters

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The advanced design of the MULTICELL™ insertion heater from Watlow® offers three major advantages: extreme process temperature capability, independent zone control for precise temperature uniformity and loose fit design for easy insertion and removal.

Performance Capabilities
  • Engineered to achieve sheath temperatures up to 2050ºF (1120ºC)
  • Up to eight independently controllable zones


Ceramic Fiber Heaters

Ceramic fiber heaters offer some of the highest temperature heating element capabilities in the Watlow family of heaters. Heating units constructed of ceramic fiber insulation isolate the heating chamber from the outside. Ceramic fiber heaters are extremely low mass, high insulation value units with self-supported heating elements. Many applications can benefit from the convenience of the heating element and insulation combined into one package. It's lightweight, low-density properties make it ideally suited for high temperature applications requiring low thermal mass.