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RAYMAX® Panel Heater

RAYMAX® Panel Heater

The diverse RAYMAX® radiant panel heater product line from Watlow® allows for customers to solve virtually any application requiring radiant heat.

Watlow’s capabilities cover a wide range of needs, from contamination-resistant surfaces to fast responding high-temperature panels.

Applying radiant heaters can be complicated. However, Watlow’s engineering staff has the level of training and expertise required to meet most application requirements. Providing a high degree of technical support such as conducting application testing at Watlow’s facility, calculating the watt density and temperature requirements and recommending system components such as sensors and controllers.

The RAYMAX family of heaters are part of the ...

RAYMAX® 1220 and 2030 Panel Heaters

RAYMAX® 1220 and 2030 Panel Heaters

Easy to install and capable of high surface temperatures, the RAYMAX 1220 and 2030 are ideal for many process heating applications requiring "hot-face" temperatures above 1000ºF (540ºC).

Each unit consists of a ceramic fiber heater mounted in a 21/2 in. (64 mm) deep sheet metal case providing thermal insulation. The case includes post terminals for electrical connections and provides a mounting system that can be used with virtually any flat ceramic fiber unit. Since any of the flat unit heating element configurations can be used - exposed sinuated, embedded coil or foil elements - watt density and temperature capabilities can be tailored to meet a specific radiant application.

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