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ST10 and ST207 Temperature Sensors

ST10 and ST207 Temperature Sensors

Watlow® offers several styles of sensors for use with flexible heaters. These sensors are available as preset or adjustable thermostats, thermocouples, thermistors, RTDs or thermal fuses. They can be integrally mounted (encapsulated in silicone rubber) to sense the temperature of either the part or the heater sheath. The thermostats can also be ordered separate from the heater, allowing direct control of your process temperature, if desired.

Bulb and Capillary

Bulb and Capillary

Thermostats regulate temperature in non-critical applications. They sense temperature, within a preset range and cycle heaters on and off to maintain the set point.

Thermostats may be mounted inside a terminal enclosure or remote mounted (separate from the heater assembly). If using a remote mounted thermostat, be sure to order the sufficient capillary tube length to permit installation.

All Watlow thermostats are normally closed circuit and either single-pole, single-throw (SPST) or double pole, single-throw (DPST). They can be used with or without an enclosure.

Thermostat selection should be based on temperature range, capillary tube length and sensor bulb size (diameter/length).

Protective Wells for Thermostats and Accessories

Protective Wells

Protective wells isolate and protect thermostat bulbs and other temperature sensors (thermocouples, RTDs or thermistors). They allow inserting the sensing element sufficiently into the media being heated without being damaged.

Steel or stainless steel protective wells are available in three lengths. They are supplied with 1/2 inch NPT mounting and 3/8 inch-18 NPT internal thread for mating to a liquid-tight bushing (LTB).