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Code No. item-86070, Ceramic Fiber Heaters - Molded Ceramic Fiber Insulation Modules

For heating applications requiring insulation panels, Watlow makes available many shapes and sizes of molded ceramic fiber insulation modules. These insulation modules are made of the same high quality, high temperature, low mass ceramic fiber material used in our heaters.

As a complement to the overall product line, these modules offer additional avenues to solve high temperature industrial insulation problems. Furthermore, without heating elements, molded ceramic fiber insulation modules can come in more complex shapes to conform to application requirements.

Molded-to-shape insulation modules also make handling and installation easier compared to other insulation methods. Since these are molded to shape, sanding, cutting and grinding of blocks to achieve the desired configuration is not required.

Highly resistant to thermal shock and chemical attack, except for hydrofluoric and phosphoric acids, and strong alkalies, insulation modules are unaffected by oil and water. If the insulation becomes wet, physical and thermal properties can be fully restored when dried.

Note: If using molded ceramic fiber insulation modules along with other Watlow ceramic fiber heaters, oil, water and other contaminants can and will negatively affect the heating element portion of the ceramic fiber heater.

Molded insulation modules are rated for up to 2300ºF (1260ºC) continuous duty. The inorganic binder eliminates smoke or combustion during initial heating to 300ºF (150ºC) and above. Vacuum molded density is 10 to 15 lbs/ft3 (160 to 240 kg/m3), same as the ceramic fiber heaters.

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Size Limits

Maximum flat size is 34 x 52 in. (860 x 1320 mm) with a molded thickness of more than 4 in. (102 mm). Maximum inside diameter for semi-cylindrical modules is 24 in. (610 mm). For applications requiring curved insulation pieces in excess of 180 degrees, consider using multiple arc-section modules or an array system of multiple flat units.

Applications and Technical Data

The same insulation performance and technical data of ceramic fiber heaters applies to molded ceramic fiber insulation modules. For specific information of insulation performance properties, see the Heat Loss and Energy Transfer portion of the ceramic fiber heaters section.


Where appropriate, many of the same accessories for ceramic fiber heaters are available for use with molded ceramic fiber insulation modules. These accessories can be used to modify, provide mounting options, and effect minor repairs and maintenance.

Ordering Information

Molded ceramic fiber insulation modules are available in exactly the same sizes and shapes as the ceramic fiber heaters listed in the ordering tables. In general, the ordering code numbers of these insulation modules are derived by replacing the second alpha character in the heater code number (i.e., F, S, C, R, etc.) with N to designate no-element.

Extended Capabilities

Watlow representatives can work with your customers to design and manufacture modules to meet specific insulation needs.

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