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Code No. ST-TS, ST10 and ST207 Temperature Sensors

Watlow® offers several styles of sensors for use with flexible heaters. These sensors are available as preset or adjustable thermostats, thermocouples, thermistors, RTDs or thermal fuses. They can be integrally mounted (encapsulated in silicone rubber) to sense the temperature of either the part or the heater sheath. The thermostats can also be ordered separate from the heater, allowing direct control of your process temperature, if desired.

Unit of Measure: Imperial | Metric | Both 


Pre-Set Thermostats Options

B-200-2, Adjustable Thermostat
B-200-3, Adjustable Thermostat
SHAA, Separate Heater Accessories Available
ATSH, Adjustable Thermostats Separate From Heater
T-10, Non-Adjustable Thermostats
T-207, Non-Adjustable Thermostats

Lead Insulation Options

1, 1180 UL® R/C
2, 1180 C-UL® R/C
4, 3133 22 GA
6, 1199 CSA
9, Type E Teflon®
A, 1180VDE
B, 1199VDE

Lead Length Options

1, 25 ft Lead Length
2, 30 ft Lead Length
A, 8 in. Lead Length
B, 12 in. Lead Length
E, 18 in. Lead Length
F, 24 in. Lead Length
G, 30 in. Lead Length
H, 36 in. Lead Length
J, 40 in. Lead Length
K, 4 ft Lead Length
L, 5 ft Lead Length
M, 6 ft Lead Length
N, 7 ft Lead Length
P, 8 ft Lead Length
R, 9 ft Lead Length
S, 10 ft Lead Length
T, 12 ft Lead Length
U, 15 ft Lead Length
V, 18 ft Lead Length
W, 20 ft Lead Length
Y, 22 ft Lead Length

Sensors Types

1, T207 Sensor, Set 40/55 ºF
2, T207 Sensor, Set 60/75 ºF
3, T207 Sensor, Set 95/110 ºF
4, T207 Sensor, Set 145/160 ºF
A, T10 Sensor, Set 125 ºF
B, T10 Sensor, Set 150 ºF
E, T10 Sensor, Set 175 ºF
F, T10 Sensor, Set 200 ºF
G, T10 Sensor, Set 225 ºF
H, T10 Sensor, Set 250 ºF
J, T10 Sensor, Set 275 ºF
K, T10 Sensor, Set 300 ºF


 width= ST10 and ST207 Temperature Sensors Specification Sheet

 Pre-Set Thermostats 

Pre-Set Thermostats (Non-Adjustable)

Pre-Set Thermostats

 Sensors for ST10 and ST207 


Sensors for ST10 & ST207 Temperature Sensors

 Lead Insulation for ST10 and ST207 


Lead Insulation for ST10 and ST207 Temperature Sensors

 Lead Length for ST10 and ST207 


Lead Length for ST10 and ST207 Temperature Sensors

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