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Code No. H-TTH, High-Temperature Tubular Heaters

High-Temperature Tubular Heaters

Watlow® manufactures high-temperature tubular heaters to bridge the gap between standard tubular heaters and Watlow MULTICELL™ heaters. This tubular is well suited for process air heating applications in excess of 1300ºF (704ºC), resulting in a maximum sheath temperature of 1800ºF (983ºC). Controlled lab testing between the new design and current tubular designs show an increase in life of approximately 50 percent. The high-temperature tubular consists of an engineered tubing with an outer sheath of Inconel® 600 and a special internal construction. The outer sheath offers high temperature capabilities, reduced oxidation as well as corrosion resistance. The tubular offering is available in 0.430 and 0.375 inch diameters that are configurable either as formed tubulars or process heaters. The heaters can also be welded to flanges and plates for mounting purposes. Maximum sheath length available is 275 inches for the 0.430 inch and 0.375 inch diameters. The factory should be contacted for longer sheath lengths.

Unit of Measure: Imperial | Metric | Both 

Typical Applications

  • High temperature ovens and furnaces
  • Radiant heating
  • Drying
  • Environmental - VOC abatement
  • Process air heating: duct heaters, circulation heaters
  • Vacuum applications
  • Flue gas cleaning (desulphurization)
  • Fluidized beds


 width= Technical Data of High-Temperature Tubular Heaters
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