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WATROD™ Single-Ended Tubular Heater

  • Watt densities up to 45 W/in2 (6.9 W/cm2)
  • UL® and CSA component recognition to 240VAC
  • Incoloy® and stainless steel sheath temperatures to 1200ºF (650ºC)

Tubular Heaters

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WATROD™ Double-Ended Tubular Heaters

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Specifications · Options · Features and Benefits · Heating Solids · Heating Liquids/Surface Heating and Immersion · Heating Gases · Heating Within a Vacuum


Heater Style

WATROD™ Double Ended Drawing
WATROD™ Single Ended Tubular Heaters
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Sheath Length By Diameter

11 to 106 in
11 to 125 in
280 to 2690 mm
280 to 3175 mm
Sheath Length By Diameter for WATROD Single-Ended Heater

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Watt Density

up to 20 W/in²
up to 3.1 W/cm²


0.375 in
0.430 in
0.475 in
9.53 mm
10.92 mm
12.07 mm

Surface Area Per Linear

1.178 in²
1.351 in²
1.492 in²
7.600 cm²
8.717 cm²
9.626 cm²
Element Diameters and Surface Area per Linear for WATROD Single-Ended Heater

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304 SS
316 SS

Max. Operating Temperature

1200 ºF
650 ºC

Diameter Tolerance

± 0.005 in
± 0.13 mm

Min. No-Heat Length

1.25 in
1.75 in
2.125 in
2.375 in
2.625 in
38 mm
44 mm
54 mm
60 mm
67 mm
Min. No-Heat Length for WATROD Single-Ended Heater

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Max. Voltage

480 VAC

Max. Amperage

30 A

Min. Resistance Per Heated Inch

0.150 Ω

Max. Resistance Per Heated Inch

22 Ω
24 Ω
25 Ω
Ohms Per Heated Inch By Dia. for WATROD Single-Ended Heater

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Agency Recognition

CSA Component to 240VAC (File # 31388)
UL® Component to 240VAC (File # E52951)


Termination Options

H, Flexible Lead Wire
J, Rubber Overmold Lead Wire

End Seals Options

SR, Silicone Resin
RTV, Silicone Rubber RTV

Mounting Options

Locator Washer, Locator Washer
Mounting Collar, Mounting Collar
Threaded Bulkhead, Threaded Bulkhead

Surface Finish Options

BA, Bright Annealing (External Finishes)
PASS, Passivation (External Finishes)
OA, Oxide Anneal


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UL® Component Recognition
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Features and Benefits

    Precision wound nickel-chromium resistance wire
  • Distributes heat evenly to the sheath for optimum heater performance
    Silicone resin seals
  • Protects against moisture contamination and is rated to 221ºF (105ºC)
    MgO insulation filled sheath
  • Maximizes dielectric strength, heat transfer and life
    Standard sheath materials
  • Steel, 304 and 316 stainless steel, Incoloy® and Alloy 600
    51 standard bend formations
  • Allows forming the heating element to the application. Spirals, compound bends and multi-axis and multi-plane configurations
    Stainless steel studs
  • Fusion welded to terminal pins for mechanical strength
    Popular termination, mounting and moisture seal options available

Heating Solids

These heaters are clamped to the object to be heated, usually exterior surfaces of tanks or other process vessels or fitted into milled grooves in a platen.

Heating Liquids/Surface Heating and Immersion

These heaters are immersed directly in the liquid being heated. Most commonly used when high kilowatts are required. Multiple style mounting adaptors, such as flanges and NPT fittings, provide excellent pressure boundaries.

Heating Gases

These heaters have multiple elements mounted in an array and placed in a duct or vessel through which gases pass. Flat tubular elements can be modified with the addition of fins to increase surface area.

Heating Within a Vacuum

These heaters are mounted in a vacuum vessel for radiant energy transfer.


 width= WATROD™ Specification Sheet


Double-Ended WATROD™ Bend Formations

Single-Ended WATROD™ Bend Formations


Flexible Lead Wires (H)

Flexible Lead Wire

Rubber Overmold Lead Wire (J)

Rubber Overmold Lead Wire

 Application Hints for WATROD™ Single-Ended Tubular Heater 

WATROD™ Single Ended Tubular Heater Dimensional Drawing

Application Hints for WATROD™ Single-Ended Tubular Heater

 Recognitions for WATROD™ Single/Double-Ended Heaters 

UR® Component Recognition

Recognitions for WATROD™ Single/Double-Ended Heaters

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