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Standard Control Panels

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Proper controller schematic and panel design goes a long way toward ensuring the trouble-free operation of a process system. Watlow® has supplied UL® 508 control panels for a variety of process control applications.

Watlow offers control panels that are shipped within ten working days of order placement. These panels can drive up to 480VAC, three-phase, 120kW heating systems and are Type 4 rated enclosures that carry the cULus® mark. Component installation and wiring conform to applicable NEC and/or CEC standards.

Standard Control Panels (PG 161)

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Dimensional Drawing Standard Control Panels (PG 161)

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Performance Capabilities · Features and Benefits · Supported Controllers and Devices · Specifications

Performance Capabilities

  • Up to 144 amperes
  • 120/240VAC single phase
  • 208/240/480VAC 3 phase
Operating Environment
  • 32 to 95ºF (0 to 35ºC)

Features and Benefits

  • Type 4 enclosure (carbon steel with gray paint)
  • Control transformer
  • Fused disconnect switch
  • Control and load fusing (feed and branch circuit)
  • Three position lighted selector switch (on, off, control power only)
  • Pilot light (EZPL models only)
  • High limit
  • Through-wall bus communications input (standard bus with 485)
  • Load power, remote interlock and sensor terminal blocks
Main Disconnect Switch
  • Utilizes a rotary handle with interlocking door
  • Helps assure maximum operator safety
Safety Contactor
  • Enables the definite purpose break of power
  • Prevents abnormal condition failure utilizing an over temperature shutdown
  • Built with Type 4 steel enclosures with gray paint
  • Designed with rugged construction suitable for industrial and commercial locations
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation in non-hazardous locations
Branch Circuit Fusing
  • Assures compliance with NEC and CEC electrical codes
  • Increases SCCR rating
  • Reduces risk of over-current related failures and hazards
SCCR Rating
  • Assures compliance with Article 409 of the NEC and UL® 508A
UL® 508A Agency Certification
  • cULus® assures compliance with appropriate United States and Canadian codes
  • Assures prompt product acceptance
  • Reduces end product documentation costs
Customer Field Connections
  • Dedicated terminals for supply, load and control interlock for fast and easy customer connection
  • Dedicated terminals for sensor connection with matched alloys where applicable

Supported Controllers and Devices

Watlow EZ-ZONE® Integrated Controllers
  • Comes with three-year warranty assuring Control Confidence®
  • Allows integrated PID and limit control
  • Decreases required panel space
  • Enables use of laptop for programming setup
  • Increases user and equipment safety for over and under temperature conditions
  • Reduces the component count
  • Utilizes TRU-TUNE® adaptive control
Watlow DIN-A-MITE® Power Controllers
  • One and three phase power permits use in a variety of applications
  • Faster switching with solid state components. Better control saves energy and extends heater life.
  • Back to back SCR design for increased durability
  • 3 year warranty assures Control Confidence®
  • Accurate and tight set point control
Pilot Devices
  • High limit pilot light assures quick indication of limit condition
  • Three position illuminated ON-OFF-SETUP selector switch assures rapid and accurate operator interface
  • Complete wiring schematic and outline drawing
  • Factory acceptance test
  • I O & M manual
Supports Communication through EZ-ZONE or SpecView Using USB Cable and USB to Serial Device
  • Standard external bus connection allows easy connection to laptop for programming
  • SpecView is a free downloadable programming software


  • 120/240 single phase
  • 208/240/480 three phase
  • 120 control circuit
  • 144 amps max
  • 48 amps per branch circuit max.
  • 3 branch circuits max.
Interrupt Rating
  • 50,000 SCCR min.
Sensor Input
  • ANSI Type J or K
  • Storage Temperature: 32º to 104ºF (0º to 40ºC)
  • Relative Humidity: 10% to 90% (non-condensing)
  • Ratings: Type 4
  • Agency: UL 508A
  • Conduit entry: designed for bottom entry of supply, load and control
  • Enclosure wall: blank for customer installations of conduit


 width= Example Schematic - Control Panels
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