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SpecView HMI Software Upgrade

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SpecView software from Watlow® is a cost-effective, easy-to-use Human Machine Interface (HMI) to Watlow controllers, including EZ-ZONE® integrated controllers and third-party products. Watlow's single point of support for hardware, software and application needs ensures knowledgeable and expedient response to questions or concerns.

SpecView from Watlow is commercially accepted and price competitive compared to third-party options. Throughout its history, field-proven features and functions have been added based on customer suggestions. SpecView's built-in support and auto-detect for Watlow controllers is an advantage compared to tag-based systems. Since there is no need to learn intricate details about communication protocols to configure software, setup is quick and simple.

Process adjustments and machine troubleshooting are easily accomplished using graphed data on trend charts. SpecView from Watlow is designed for industrial needs, including built-in compatibility with bar code readers and touch screens. Customizing displays for specific applications reduces process errors. Flexible features include data logging, a historical replay option, easy-to-use recipes and remote access options.

To try before purchase, SpecView from Watlow is available to download and run in the time-limited demo mode.

Track and report batch-specific processing data.

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Features and Benefits · System Requirements

Features and Benefits

Watlow EZ-ZONE Standard Bus communications protocol
  • Communicates with any EZ-ZONE product without requiring purchase of a communications option
Built-in support and auto-detect for controllers
  • Saves set-up time
  • Eliminates the need to learn communications protocols
  • Integrates devices from multiple vendors
Flexible data logging and report generator
  • Helps users comply with regulatory requirements including AMS 2750D NADCAP
  • Reduces labor and increases accuracy by automating data collection for chosen parameters
  • Adds data acquisition to existing processes
  • Saves time by exporting data to Excel®-compatible spreadsheet files
  • Allows data to be grouped in user-defined batches
  • Incorporates measurements, operator comments and other information into report formats
  • Records operator actions
Easy-to-build, customizable screens
  • Allows simple custom screen editing
  • Simplifies monitoring and adjusting controller parameters
  • Reduces errors by making displays application-specific
  • Decreases training time
  • Integrates sophisticated third-party elements with an ActiveX container option
  • Automates many tasks with user-defined buttons
  • Calls attention to specific parameter values with user-set color dynamics
  • Allows touch screen compatibility
  • Provides bar graphs for 'at-a-glance' monitoring
  • Limits access with passwords, if desired
Alarm manager
  • Simplifies understanding alarms with customizable, plain-text messages
  • Aids in troubleshooting by time stamping and logging alarms
Easy-to-use recipe manager
  • Saves a snapshot of current parameter settings
  • Reproduces previous machine setups exactly
  • Reviews and edits complex programmer profiles
  • Eliminates operator error in setting machine parameters
Remote access option
  • Allows multiple operator stations with identical interfaces for convenient access
  • Provides multiple password-protection levels
  • Improves access over LAN, modem or internet
  • Reduces maintenance and repair downtime
  • Increases utilization

System Requirements

Compatible Operating Systems:
  • Windows® 7 (all versions)
  • Windows® Vista (all versions)
  • Windows® Server 2003
  • Windows® XP (Home and Professional)
  • Windows® 2000 (Workstation and Professional)
  • Windows® NT 4.0
  • Windows® ME
  • Windows® 98
  • Windows® 95 (help not supported)
Minimum System:
  • Pentium® processor or equivalent Celeron® or AMD
  • 64MB RAM (128MB or more recommended)
  • 30MB hard disk space to install SpecView from Watlow
  • Additional disk space for data logging
  • Instrument connection: RS232/RS485/RS422/Ethernet/OPC
  • USB port for the key
Ideal System:
  • Pentium® 4 (or Celeron® or AMD equivalent) 2.0Ghz
  • 256MB RAM
  • 80GB hard disk


· How to Choose the Correct SpecView from Watlow Options

· Create application-specific screens that depict

· Make screens with most often used parameters.

· Graph and log process data


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