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EZ-ZONE® RM High-Density Scanner Module

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The EZ-ZONE® RM high-density scanner module can be used in conjunction with any EZ-ZONE RM family module as a monitor or to provide additional logic function to a system. The scanner module can also be used as a standalone product for multiple inputs of monitoring applications. The EZ-ZONE RM high-density scanner module provides 4, 8, 12 or 16 loops of monitoring per module or up to 256 monitoring loops per system.

Features and Benefits · High-Density Scanner Module Specifications (RMS)

Features and Benefits

4 to 256 monitoring loops
  • Monitor only-thermocouple, RTD, process or thermistor inputs
  • Data log via the EZ-ZONE RM control module
  • Accept up to 12 digital inputs
  • Activate up to 12 digital outputs
  • Allows standard bus communications
  • Ability to utilize EIA 485, Modbus® RTU options
Add on Logic
  • Adds up to 116 points of logic to your system

High-Density Scanner Module Specifications (RMS)

(Select an RMS module for 4 to 16 auxiliary analog inputs.)

Line Voltage/Power
  • Power consumption: 7 W, 14VA
  • Any external power supply used should comply with a Class 2 or SELV rating
Serial Communications
  • Isolated communications
  • All modules ship with standard bus protocol for configuration and communication with all EZ-ZONE controllers
Additional Communication Option
  • EIA 485, Modbus® RTU
Calibration Accuracy
  • Calibration accuracy and sensor conformity: ±0.1% of span, ±1ºC @ the calibrated ambient temperature and rated line voltage
    • Types R, S, B; 0.2%
    • Type T below -50ºC; 0.2%
  • Calibration ambient temperature @ 77ºF ±5ºF (25ºC ±3ºC)
  • Accuracy span: 1000ºF (540ºC) min.
  • Temperature stability: ±0.1ºF/ºF (±0.1ºC/ºC) rise in ambient max.
Universal Input
  • Thermocouple, grounded or ungrounded sensors
  • >20MΩ input impedance
  • Max. of 2kΩ source resistance
  • RTD 2-wire, platinum, 100Ω and 1000Ω @ 32ºF (0ºC) calibration to DIN curve (0.00385Ω/Ω/ºC)
  • Process, 0-20mA @100Ω, or 0-10VDC @ 20kΩ input impedance; scalable, 0-50mV
Thermistor Input
  • 0 to 40kΩ, 0 to 20kΩ, 0 to 10kΩ, 0 to 5kΩ
  • 2.252kΩ and 10kΩ base at 77ºF (25ºC)
  • Linearization are curves built-in
Digital Input
  • Update rate 10Hz
  • DC voltage
  • Max. input 36V at 3mA
  • Min. high state 3V at 0.25mA
  • Max. low state 2V
Dry Contact Input
  • Update rate 10Hz
  • Min. open resistance 10kΩ
  • Max. closed resistance 50Ω
  • Max. short circuit 13mA
Output Hardware
  • 6 digital inputs/outputs:
    • Switched dc, max. 20VDC @ 40mA, 12VDC @ 80mA
    • Open collector, max. 32VDC @ 1.5A, max. 8A per 6 outputs combined
  • Electromechanical relay, Form A, 5A, 24 to 240VAC or 30VDC max., resistive load, 100,000 cycles at rated load, requires a min. load of 20mA at 24V, 125VA pilot duty