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SERIES EHG SL10 Integrated Multi-Function Controller

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The SERIES EHG® SL10 integrated, multi-function controller is a key component to a powerful system that integrates a heater, an adjustable set point temperature controller, a high/low temperature alert, a power switching device and a high temperature safety limit. Its agency recognized controller/safety limit meets UL® 1998 and CE 60730 requirements.

An optional display/communications module can be easily added in the field to provide a digital display indication, an adjustment of set point, RS485 Modbus® communications and other Human Machine Interface (HMI) features. As a scalable system, only what is needed can be purchased.

The EHG SL10 controllers’ easy to install, compact design, inherent reliability and integrated limit functions offer unmatched value. It is designed for easy integration with Watlow heaters to simplify engineering, reduce component count for new equipment and decrease ownership cost. For original equipment manufacturers, (OEMs), CE, Semi-S2 compliance and UL® recognition, the EHG controller reduces time and costs associated with global agency testing and validation.

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  • Two, Type K thermocouple inputs - process temperature control and safety limit
  • Process temperature output - 10A NO-ARC relay
  • Safety limit alarm - 10A relay
  • High/low temperature alert - 2A 30VAC/VDC, Form A (single pole, normally open contact)
  • On-off temperature controller algorithm, upgraded via communications to PID algorithm (min. cycle time 30 seconds)
Standard Molex® connectors
  • Controllers are integral to the heater and are supplied by Watlow
  • Isolated universal power supply 85 to 264VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Up to 2400 W with 10A switching capability
NO-ARC Relay
  • 10A switching
  • 4.5 million cycles
  • Ambient operating temperature range 32 to 158ºF (0 to 70ºC)
Agency Approvals
  • UL® 1998/ C-UL®
  • CE 60730
  • Semi-S2

Features and Benefits

Process controller and safety limit in one package
  • Meets UL® 1998 and CE 60730 requirements
  • Eliminates the need for a thermal fuse on a heater
  • Eliminates replacement of heater when fuse fails
Optional display/communications module
  • Allows easy upgrade on to base device
  • Offers low cost field upgrade
  • Provides easy, snap-on installation
Accurate and flexible temperature process controller
  • Replaces problematic bi-metal thermostats with accurate electronic temperature process controller
  • Allows easy change of process parameters
Ambient operating temperature range 32 to 158ºF (0 to 70ºC)
  • Increases reliability when mounting in harsh temperature environments or in close proximity to heaters
Integrated high/low temperature alert signal relay
  • Provides dry contact output to activate external alarm or process function
  • Signals control status with three integrated LEDs
  • Allows a signal of up to two amperes 30VAC/VDC, Form A to alert if process temperature is out of range limits
Health check diagnostics
  • Monitors maximum heater process temperature, maximum ambient temperature and thermocouple operation
  • Provides health check signal to inform operator that the process is working correctly
Universal power supply
  • Allows an input of 85 to 264VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Provides safe control of up to 2400 watts with 10 amperes switching in both controller and safety limit
Can be switched from on-off and PID algorithm
  • Increases product life (on-off control is default)
  • Offers selectable PID control algorithm for tighter temperature uniformity
Universal 1/8 turn mounting bracket
  • Allows mounting to most surfaces
  • Provides flexible mounting - either horizontally or vertically

Typical Applications

Foodservice equipment
  • Warming and serving equipment
  • Food holding cabinets
Life sciences
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Heat sealing bars
  • Hot glue application equipment
Semiconductor processing
  • Gas delivery lines

Compatible Accessories

Operator Interface Terminals (OIT)

Silver SERIES touchscreen operator interface terminals provide a customizable user interface and log and graph data for Watlow controllers and other devices. A Silver SERIES operator interface terminal paired with Watlow controllers, is the perfect solution for industrial processes or machine control applications.


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