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DFJ Single Fuse Holders

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Protect Branch Circuits and Solid State Power Controllers With One Fuse

To meet national and local electrical code requirements for branch circuit protection and to protect solid state power controllers, such as Watlow’s DIN-A-MITE®, a DFJ fuse is recommended. Watlow® offers fast-acting DFJ fuses and holders in amperage ratings covering the range of load currents appropriate for use with the entire DIN-A-MITE power controller and EZ-ZONE® ST integrated controller families.

DFJ fuses protect personnel from injury, protect equipment from damage and are required to minimize damage in the event of a short circuit and achieve short circuit current ratings for Watlow DIN-A-MITE power controllers and EZ-ZONE ST controllers.

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Code No.

Matching Fuse

Amp Rating

I²T up to 480V (A²Sec)

0808-0326-1530 0808-0325-0020, DFJ Fuses 20 151
0808-0326-1530 0808-0325-0030, DFJ Fuses 30 414
0808-0326-3560 0808-0325-0040, DFJ Fuses 40 1080
0808-0326-3560 0808-0325-0050, DFJ Fuses 50 2268
0808-0326-3560 0808-0325-0060, DFJ Fuses 60 2909
0808-0326-7010 0808-0325-0080, DFJ Fuses 80 3521
0808-0326-7010 0808-0325-0100, DFJ Fuses 100 7920
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