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Three-Pole Connectors for RTD Applications, 400°F

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  • Three pins to accommodate most RTD sensor applications
  • Rated to 200°C (400°F) continuous
  • Jacks have spring-loaded inserts for positive contact
  • Larger diameter negative pin prevents user from reversing polarity

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    Item Name

    Operating Temperature °C

    Use With

    TH-335 3-Pole Connector Plug with Copper Pins Up to 200 N/A
    TH-336 3-Pole Connector Jack with Copper Inserts Up to 200 N/A
    TH-337-125 Compression-type Adapter Up to 200 0.125 inch Tube
    TH-337-188 Compression-type Adapter Up to 200 0.188 inch Tube
    TH-337-250 Compression-type Adapter Up to 200 0.250 inch Tube
    80701201 Cable clamp for 3-pole connector Up to 200 3-Pole Connector
      Results 1 - 6 of 6 1