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Ultra-Pure Thick Film Quartz Heater Modules

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Watlow® thick film quartz heater modules are intended for use in deionized (DI) water and aggressive chemical heating applications. The quartz heater modules employ Watlow’s patented thick film on quartz technology.
These superior thick film heaters can be applied in areas where space is at a premium or where conventional heaters cannot be used because the voltage and wattage combination precludes using other types of resistive heaters. The heater’s optimum watt density assures high reliability and long life. Due to the unique nature of a thick film circuit, these heaters can be designed to vary heat output across the entire surface. This quartz module provides superior performance under variable and low flow conditions.

The primary benefits of thick film heating include:
  • Reduction in size of the heater modules over other heating technologies, therefore saving space in expensive tools, cleanrooms and wafer fabricators
  • Elimination of the need for clean-dry-air (CDA) purge required in most infrared (IR) heating systems
  • Reduction of the possibility of quartz devitrification that can occur in high-temperature IR heating systems
  • Elimination of potential metal contamination associated with Teflon® (PFA) heating systems
  • Reduction of preventative maintenance and increased tool uptime
  • Reduced cost of ownership

Ultra-Pure Thick Film Quartz Heater Modules

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Lead Length



Module Size

TQ-117-8-1 5.2 kW 208 V 72 in 4.5 in
114 mm
1 18 in
TQ-117-13-1 6.8 kW 480 V 72 in 4.5 in
114 mm
3 24 in
TQ-117-10-1 9.2 kW 480 V 72 in 4.5 in
114 mm
3 30 in
  Results 1 - 3 of 3 1